I am a seeker. That has a trendy sound to it, I know, but it’s true. I love to seek out beautiful things, artful things…music and films. Seeking God has occupied a lot of years for me, and still the search is on because now I realize that it’s impossible to know it all.

Many years were spent working as a mural artist, playing keyboards and singing with worship teams, as well as cooking countless meals for friends and family. All of that is art. Every bit of us has some creative element to it and that’s what spurs me on everyday…the search for creative satisfaction.

I am a creative soul.  Perhaps slightly out of balance, I tend to the artistic, musical part of me.  Included in that is this blogging thing, something I have grown to really enjoy and appreciate.

In this blog will be thoughts on those things that consume me…at any given moment.  If you think of Yin and Yang, I am Yin. In the moment, and passionate about that moment.

Perhaps the reader will also find something about which to have passion in these pages.  Whether it’s in the music, the culture or random thoughts, let’s all proceed with abandon.


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