Seventy Years Into Eternity

John Lennon and his group.  His group…the one he forged from the pit of his determined glint of future glory.  Had it not been for Lennon, there never would have been the wonder of Beatlemania, the music nor the mayhem.  It was all cast upon his shoulders, and he wore it like the mantle that it was.  He was a king, and he knew it.  He understood that his life, his vision was what powered the thing into existence.  Whether or not we have battles for dominance, one songwriter competing with the other…none of that is relevant outside of the realization that none of it would have mattered if John Lennon hadn’t formed that first group that garnered McCartney’s attention.  History would be different, and so would music, because no one else would have made the same sound, or created the identical insanity that produced the decade of the 60’s.  And, most likely, we wouldn’t still be buying the music that was made nearly 50 years ago.

Think about it: that first record is nearly 50 years old, and they’re still outselling some of the current crop of superstars.  All because John Lennon wanted to make music, at the cost of everything else in life. 

So, without being sappy and saying Happy Birthday, I would like to acknowledge the life of a man who turned the world upside down with his uncanny and brilliant talent.

Thanks John.


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