Am I Missing Something?

Actually, I am going to have to admit what I didn’t want to give in to.  I was prepared to enjoy the new Doctor Who in it’s more youthful incarnation, full of appreciation for all of the changes and new personnel.  Sadly, for me and perhaps a few other Tennant indoctrinated folk, I am not adjusting as well as I had hoped.

I do miss David Tennant and his slightly manic, fast talking and empathetic personality.  I even miss Donna Noble, so you know where I am on the subject of companions.  I’ve watched all of the new episodes and find them darkly disturbing somehow.  And, in spite of the very well defined character developement of the new  personna, this Doctor is not my Doctor.  I guess that’s the way it works, though.  I’ve read other people say the same thing, including the much missed David Tennant.  The Doctor you start with is the one who remains indelibly imbedded as the real McCoy, or Who…whom…well, you understand.

I will continue to watch the series and try to unravel the mysteries along with the new cast.  They’re not really new anymore, though.  Still, I don’t think the show will ever really be truly Doctor Who to me.  That is a testament both to David Tennant and Russell T. Davies, as well as to my unflappable devotion to the first Doctor who caught my eye, and my heart.  It’s good to play favorites sometimes.  In this instance, it’s also good to have it all on DVD.


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