Fan Fiction

I have recently discovered something that is a complete revelation to me: Fan Fiction.  It is a multitude of sites that encourage and publish writers to augment the work of other authors, whether it be from books, film or television.  I had no idea it existed, and in my search for tidbits regarding The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (yes, still on that), I found several of these sites, including some devoted exclusively to the spy boys.

I started reading the stories, one after the other.  It was totally engrossing, distracting me from some very real issues that had to wait on this new interest.  Here is a place where one can “learn” to write.  Of course it helps if you have a modicum of talent, but the tools available to the novice are so worthwhile.  Mistakes are allowed.  Not gross, illiterate types, but the ones that come from treading the waters of fiction for the first time, or honing the skills that have lain dormant for years.

I found some very talented people on and after several days of reading and being entertained by it, I decided to dive in.  What evolved is a short little vignette of an encounter that could have happened, and certainly would have been relived for years if it had.

I offer this link as an invitation to my debut in this delightful idiom of literary license.  To all who dream of the writer’s life, I offer you an avenue.


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