Wanted: Part Time Destiny

All of the talk on the Beatles’ forum concerning the concept of destiny has me thinking in those terms this morning.  I’m sipping coffee and wondering if I’m missing an element to my own divine course in this life.  I mean, if you’re walking out divine destiny, is there really time to sit down and have coffee in the morning?

I generally have about a dozen things going through my head: projects; phone calls; images for artwork; music…and more.  One of the most frustrating aspects of my personality is my inability to just do the first thing on the list and finish it.  I may start it in great style, but the propensity for yielding to distraction is borderline ADD.  At any given moment I may have three or four different things in progress, and plans for one more.  Sometimes I’m simply at a point where I can’t proceed with one, having done as much as possible with materials on hand.  That is excuseable.  However, sometimes I just operate on whim or whimsy.  That’s a problem.

Have you ever started to clean out a closet to make it more organized, and ended up with a bigger mess than the original problem?  I have.  I can clean a room, or start to do it, and in an hour or so I have piles in the floor that I’m sorting through and then it’s impossible to see my way to the door so that I can get rid of the stuff that I no longer want to dispose of.  I hold onto things, save stuff and generally have a difficult time not seeing some value in the most inane and unnecessary items.  A piece of ribbon might be added to something, someday…in the afterlife.  I don’t know!  I have one little bit of plaid ribbon that I’ve had for about 20 years, and I’m still waiting for the perfect project.  I can’t throw it away.  It’s almost vintage now, so the value has increased.  If I keep it another 20 years, I can sell it on Ebay.

Back to Destiny.  Is it my destiny to keep going through the motions and never quite meet the level of accomplishment to which I’ve aspired?   Probably not.  Making the right choices and having the discipline to keep on task, produce more and believe that it’s possible:  that seems to be the hallmark of those who finally make it to their dreams.  The Beatles worked a schedule that would discourage most people, regardless of the dream.  They were fiends, but it paid off in spades and they became a phenomenon unlike anything before or since.

I, for one, am not a driven person.  Laid back, easy- going…these are the words that describe me.  For some purposes, this is a well and good, and has often been to my benefit when dealing with people, even certain events in life.  However, these “attributes” do not tend to lead one into the gleaming lights of destiny.  So then, is it possible to achieve a dynamic and glittering platform if you’re not one of the buzzing and churning types of people who routinely tear through a day as though it may be their last?  Will a truly easy-going person ever be on the cover of Time magazine?  Not that I want that, but I’m just wondering about the qualifications of destiny, in the sense of it being a really great thing, and whether some of us are ever going to get there.

I suppose I just need to choose to have a destiny, if my personality is fighting it.  That cup of coffee continues to call to me every day, but should I be having it while I wield a paintbrush instead of type this blog?  I just sold (thank you Jesus) a piece of art.  I would love for that to be my destiny, and in it to find that I have affected other lives through what I create.  But, at this point, I’m not languishing in a studio on a daily basis waiting for the glimmer of inspiration to catapult me into a painting frenzy. 

I’m here.  Typing. Wondering, actually, if anyone will read this.  Finishing the coffee.

Is Destiny a full-time job?


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  1. Hi! Finally had a chance to check out your blog and art site. I am so glad you are doing both of these !! And congrats on selling the art (painting/photo?) I’ve known for some time that painting was your special gift.

    This Destiny piece states the same thing that is on my mind too. I was told many years ago that I had talent but no drive to make it happen. Well, apparently they were right. But I think that’s a simplistic view of our very complicated personalities. And I think the MOST important thing is to produce the work – get it out there – regardless of what happens –how many artists were never famous till after they died? Again, not that fame is the goal – birthing the work is the goal. Well, perhaps next winter we can talk more about this – over coffee! – Take care, Best wishes – Linda

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