The Romance of the West

For the past several years I’ve lived down “in the valley” near Phoenix amid the heat and freeways and the torrent of business that occupies most of the people down there.
Suddenly, I find myself up in the red rock regions near Sedona, and daily I have to pinch myself to be convinced that I’m within sight of such gorgeous surroundings.
The clouds hang low on some days, casting soft images that only serve to better illuminate the color in this scene. At the end of the day, facing the western setting sun, it lights up , looking not so much like scenery, but a perfect landscape of what is before me.
The air has been crisp and mountain like, augmented by winds that howl a bit at night in just the right tones, providing an aural backdrop to the views.
I’m beginning to feel privileged to live here. The south was a place I greatly enjoyed, but this is the high desert of great western novels, and romantic characters that literally ride away into the sunset.
This is good. This is a nice place to be.


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