TMJ Syndrome…Have You Heard Of It?

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Syndrome
It’s a long name that refers to a painful condition in the jaw. For some it means lack of movement, or that clacking sound when you open and close your mouth. It also means severe and at times, nearly intolerable pain.
The other day I took 19 Ibuprofren tablets, and still never had total relief. There is no cure, although sometimes people have surgery to try and alleviate the symptoms. There is controversy about that.
Some dentists can help, chiropractic and massage therapy also aid temporarily the discomfort. But, it never really goes away.
I have learned to manipulate the jaw so that I can lessen the tension, and sometimes the cracking noise that occurs does indicate a positive movement. On the other hand, what I’m hearing is, as one therapist put it, bone on bone, scraping and creating the pain.
I have also had some issues with what I thought was a type of vertigo but now understand can be a symptom of the TMJ disorder. So, not only can I not chew gum and walk straight, I just can’t chew gum at all. And, sometimes, walking straight is a problem.
I’ve never been big on support groups. That would be primarily because I never needed one. But, I have to admit, I am curious about other people dealing with this problem. Do you ever get relief? Do you go to a dentist or doctor? How many pain pills do you need to get rid of the throbbing?
All in all, it’s a pretty grim subject. One of the chief troublemakers is the fact that most TMJ people grind their teeth in their sleep. So, while you’re asleep and can’t help yourself, you’re creating pain in your body that you will pay for when you’re awake. Not fair. I need to get one of those mouth guards for sleeping. You’d think I would remember to do that, but…one more day has passed and I’m heading to bed without one of those.
If you need to find out more, there’s a website. Of course, there’s a website:

Good night.


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