New Horizons

It’s the first day of March, and we’re closing in on Spring. Soon the weather will begin to be a topic of conversation for it’s heat index rather than the rain or outrageous non-winter of Arizona’s southern regions.
I’m getting prepared for changes in my life beyond the scope of the temperatures. I’ll be moving in the next 6 to 8 weeks, and am currently looking for a new job. The one I’ve had is waning, near to the end. It’s not necessarily of my choosing, but it is the result of changes that are inevitable. I have a tinge of fear of the unknown, but still am looking forward to conquering a new territory of endeavor, redecorating and changing habits while I try out some new ones.
I just don’t know where any of this is going to take place. I’m trusting that the path is already known by God, having surrendered to a type of destiny many years ago. The part that I can play is in how forward thinking and pro-active I will be in the process. Opportunities have to be seized upon, adventures must be welcomed in order to be lived out. The recognition of these sometimes divine appointments is what makes life interesting, giving us ample room and time for growth, exploration and realization…self or otherwise.
I do have a bit of trepidation in the wake of the unknown elements here. I am an artist, but in this economy art is a luxury in which fewer people indulge. The book I’ve been threatening to write would come in handy about now, and the truly “witty invention” that is alluded to in the old testament, that brings financial rewards, is still out there.
I’m going to keep on working at all of it. Instead of that trip to Wales, money will probably be spent on moving expenses, leaving my passport still in search of a destination. Maybe next year on St. David’s day I can celebrate in the country that honors him as patron saint.
For now, I’m waiting on a phone call for an interview. Maybe I’ll have something to report tomorrow…


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