Cheers George!

February 25, 1943 is the date listed as George Harrison’s birthday.   At some point after the Beatles’ broke up he believed that his entrance into this world was actually the 24th…by seconds, perhaps.  At any rate, most of the world celebrates the man on the 25th.

I have to go to traffic court on the 25th.  In all of my years driving, I have never received a ticket.   I’ve never even been pulled over for a warning.  Not until now, when I didn’t get my registration renewed on time and, in spite of the best intentions, I kept putting it off.

So, tomorrow morning, on the official date of George’s birthday, I’m going to head to the courthouse and plead my case, registration in hand, remorse in my voice.  But, on the way there I’ll be listening to George’s music.  And, afterwards, it will still be George.

My friend Judy called to let me know that there is a birthday celebration in front of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood, right where his walk of fame star is located, next to John’s and Ringo’s.  Unfortunately, I can’t make it.  Aside from traffic court in the morning, there’s the 400 miles between here and there that would get me in just at high traffic time (that’s different from the regular unfathomable traffic that is LA), so I had to decline.  It would have been fun, but not very practical.

There are legions of fans who will be wishing George well.  I wish his family the joy of all the memories that they have of their time together.  Olivia always seems so brave and composed, but I wonder if she still doesn’t cry herself to sleep sometimes, missing him and the life they shared.  Even Patty Boyd has said recently that he was the love of her life, and that she regrets not perservering through the hardships of their marriage.  Her book, by the way, is good.

Oh, even I continue to grieve a little over George’s passing.  My life has been impacted by him and his music.  His thoughtfulness concerning issues over which I continue to study and meditate endear him to me, and I think that if I had to choose one unreachable person with whom to share a conversation, it would be George Harrison. 

In fact, that is perhaps the thing that makes him the most interesting to me: he’s someone to whom I would have liked to talk.  And listen.



  1. I agree Glenna!George is one person I would have really loved to have met,what a shining soul!
    A light is missing from the world but is not lost in the cosmos.I remember when he passed.I was at a gathering in a friends backyard.I saw him dancing in the fire and felt him smiling from the moon.Yes he was the quite Beatle with so much to say



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