Inked on TV

I have resisted watching The Learning Channel show LA Ink. That was until last night.
They were having a marathon and I tuned in to see what it was all about. Now, I fear, I will have to continue watching that show.
What a mesmerizing thing it is to watch those tattoo artists do their thing. I have to admit to being slightly prejudiced against the whole notion of a tattoo. It always conjurs up the image of a tough guy or a sailor, cigarette in mouth and obscenities trailing along with the smoke.
I may not be too far off on the latter, but still, the art is present.

I still can’t fathom why a person wants to wear a covering of ink over the entire surface of his or her body, but I’m willing to admit that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the individual is deranged or dangerous. In fact, I do have a few friends who have tattoos. You know, the pretty kinds that represent something sentimental. One friend has a rose and a Celtic knot, or cross…I don’t recall exactly. That’s how little interest I’ve had in tattoos, I don’t pay enough attention.
Probably the most dangerous aspect of watching the show on tv is that it begins to seem like a pretty good idea to have one. I am an artist, so the idea that I can design something of my own and wear it is slightly appealing to my ego.
Perhaps the biggest deterrent to having a tattoo is the image of an 80 year old arm, (or God forbid, some other area) that is sagging and wrinkled, barely revealing the once beautiful artwork on that age ravaged skin. I mean, what are we talking about when all of those cute little tattoos are withering on an aging butt?
Sorry for introducing that picture, however it’s a real concern for me. I shiver to think what the rash of tattoo enthusiasm is going to mean for the unprepared observor 30 or 40 years from now.
Okay, that’s enough. I’m probably not going to get a tattoo. I am looking forward to the next show, though. That seems safe for now.



  1. Aging happens whether it is to us two legged creatures or a canvas. Stone buildings crumble and wood decays, I am not being negative here, please don’t think that….
    Acutally I point all that out to say that even in forms of decay and aging life can be beautiful and we should always look at it like that.
    so hurrah for art on my body ! I think I will still enjoy it when I am 80! because of the “why” I did it and if it has aged and crinkled I will remember that I am right up there aging with the best ….the mona lisa and the cistine chapel !!
    Yeah for the human body being a canvas !!
    ok I am done now, BTW it is a celtic cross !!!!!!
    : )

  2. I’ve seen the show a few times. I don’t have any tattoos. But I wanted a small angel tattoo on my shoulder, but my wonderful husband asked that I would refrain. So I will not get one. The tattoo artists are so talented though, it’s incredible to watch what they create. Walking pieces of art.
    Hugs, and see you at the Friendship Society!

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