It Was 46 Years Ago Today!

Yeah Yeah Yeah! This is the day in 1964 when the earth shifted on it’s axis to the sound of Beatlemania. Ed Sullivan welcomed the lads from Liverpool onto his stage, and music has never been the same. Music changed, society changed and the world as we know it took on a new vision for how to walk into the future.

Is that too much? I don’t think so. History has unfolded the mysteries of that era: the music and excesses; sex, drugs and rock and roll (it all started here); and the naivete of the hippie movement. None of this was in motion to the degree that the world was going to be enveloped in it so completely. There were movements of an underground nature, like the beatniks and the world of folk singers and political protesters. But the Beatles, in all of their Liverpool glory, created a phenomenon that was unknown at that time.

So today, we want to thank Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Epstein. They’re both gone now, as are the two Beatles most noted for their revolutionary and/or thoughtful contributions to the social consciousness. Ringo just received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last night, and Paul is touring Europe this year.
Time changed the iconic individuals who were part of it, but what they were part of changed the world.
I’m glad we’re still listening, still marveling and still discovering what it all meant.


One comment

  1. My favorite was always Paul McCartney. I adored the guy as a teeny bopper. I had all their pics, albums… LOL! I can’t believe it now but I was one of those screaming girls every time I saw him. I kept a pic of him under my pillow. When he screamed oooooo in one of his songs I thought I was going to pass out. Glad that’s over with. At my young age I am a musician, playing different instruments. My next venture is art!

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