We Love A Pretty Face

Okay…the votes are rushing in.  Well, not really.  I’m a little surprised that fewer people have voted than have visited the site.  Lack of commitment can show up anyplace, it seems.

So, while Paul has long been dubbed “the cute one”, most people don’t realize that in the early years of Beatlemania it was George who was considered the “handsome one”.  So it is, in the early stages of this very unscientific quest for the prettiest face, that George is in the lead.  But, just barely.  Paul’s girls (I’m assuming it’s all girls) are still loyal and not giving GH much room.

Isn’t this the eternal Beatle’s struggle: who is your favorite?  I mean we all went through it and still, to this day, grown women have a definite choice as to who they would fantasize about if they dared to admit such a thing. 

What you have to remember about all of this silliness (yes, we know it’s silly, but we’re allowed) is that, when confronted by these youthful pictures of our guys, we revert back to whatever age we were when we first laid eyes on them.  I will always be 10 years old and completely in awe of this grown up Englishman who was so exotic, so handsome and so completely out of reach.  That’s part of the excitement, I think.  The knowledge that this is the ultimate in unrequited love, and you’re supported in it by a sisterhood of similarly love struck girls (maybe a few boys) who dream of a chance meeting with a Beatle, all the while pretty secure in the knowledge that it ain’t gonna happen.  So why not be all out crazy in your devotion?  Foolishness is not as ridiculous as it might appear to the unitiated.  It’s fun.  It’s fabulous.

So, here in 2010, it’s possible to still get people to vote for who they think is the cute, handsome or just hands down best looking Beatle.  Ringo and John will get their votes, but, just like in the day, the battle of the face always comes back to Paul and George. 

Just take a look at that picture…heeeehheehehehheheeeee


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