The Mess at NBC

Heads Will Roll

We’ve all been hearing about the late night fiasco that’s brewed up at NBC. It’s a shame that someone allowed all of this to happen, because their latenight schedule was, I believe, pretty important in the scheme of things.
Now, to my chagrin, I have read a report that the new show that would have starred David Tennant (yes, I complained about his politics, but he’s fantastic, still…) has been shelved and may or may not show up in the fall.
Are they crazy? Add an exclamation point to that one. Here’s a sure fire way to get millions of viewers, and they don’t want to put it on.
Perhaps someone from CBS or ABC ought to take a look at the potential for a hit series starring this charming Scot. And, as far as I’m concerned, don’t make him feign an American accent. The brogue would be most welcome here, I’m sure.
Someone ought to round up a petition and present it to these fellows who don’t have a clue. Maybe a contest is in order: win a job at NBC as a program executive. Any of us could probably do better than they’re managing currently.
Oh well…we do have Hamlet to look forward to.


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