It’s A Snow Day…in Arizona

I’m sitting in my friend’s apartment in Cottonwood, Az.  As it turns out, it’s a good day to be here because it’s snowing, and that’s not something you get to see often in this state.  It’s a soft snowfall, and it won’t stick or turn icy, probably.  That’s the kind I like.

I lived in Tulsa for several years, and ice storms and freezing windchill cured me of needing the really wintry stuff.  This, however, is charming.  The view out of the living room window is a winter’s portrait of pine trees and glistening snow clinging to the needled branches.  My coffee cup is close by, and the luxury of not needing to be anyplace else is fueling my enjoyment of the day.

While rain ravages the west coast, it’s peaceful here in this setting.  It may be raining down in the valleys, I’m not sure.  I don’t want to turn on the television and break the mood of this mellow, lovely morning.  I’m pretty sure the snow is turning to rain as the day warms up, and the sound of it is like a soft rainfall, even though the snow is still clinging to the trees, it’s beginning to flow in little rivulets, down through the landscaped rocky embankments.

Still, it’s made the morning a nice respite from business as usual here in this desert state.  The snow will be piling up farther north in the Flagstaff area, and skiers are no doubt making their weekend plans.  I’ll be back down in the lower elevations by tomorrow afternoon, glad to have had this snowy morning, satisfied with my pictures.

Sometimes it’s good to have little moments of rare pleasures instead of long seasons of it.  This is just enough.  I’m very glad to have this to tuck into my memory book.


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