On This Day…

Today is January 15, 2010. That is so amazing, to be out of the “naughties“, as some have called them, and into the second decade of the 21st century. I realize that it probably doesn’t seem like a big deal if you were born in, say…1990, which makes you all of 19 and a viable candidate for adulthood. But that kinda gives me the willies, because sometimes I have a hard time remembering when I was 19. What the heck was I doing?

I am positive that I went to college that year. I may also have quit that year…I did that  couple of times.   The Beatles were all doing solo work, most of which I wasn’t listening to at the time.   Disco hadn’t hit, but I was long past my days of being able to sing in it’s entirety “American Pie”. I had dreams of making a living as an artist, but I also thought that growing alfalfa in Nevada might be an option. It was, as they say, the 70’s.   That, in and of itself, explains everything.

So, what will explain the…what do we call where we are?   The “naughties” won’t work anymore.  Or do they?  Okay, I don’t know for sure. But, the question still remains:  what will mark this era?  We’re still battling about global warming, especially since the last UN announcement about an impending ice age.  Natural disasters aren’t new, and neither is talking about peace and love.   Been there, done that, and with more interesting people.   Are we destined to see the musical giants of these decades through the eyes of Simon Cowell? 

It gets worse, doesn’t it.  I mean, we had mediocrity in the 60’s, but it was replaced, blown out of the stratosphere, by the musical and cultural revolutions that broke through practically every barrier.  Some of it has lasted longer than anyone could have predicted, some longer than we desired.  But, we know without a doubt  that decade happened

Maybe this time will be remembered for it’s inability to pinpoint what is and what isn’t politically correct or relevant.   The US has a black, African American, person of color…president.  It isn’t enough to give him a name, we have to analyze every reference to him and nearly lose track of the fact that he is the president.  And, even then, it’s not really very earth shattering after all, that he made it.  But, God help us all if he doesn’t do any better than the polls are indicating.  Then it will make a difference. 

Lackluster may be the term for the first part of the 21st century.  Personal preferences aside, Facebook and Twitter just about trump everything for excitement these days.  Who said what in the shortest sentences possible has become the new international craze.  With that in mind, it’s possible that the footnote alongside the year 2010 may just read: nthng going on bbl.

Oh yeah...that's what I was doing when I was 19


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