A Trip To Wales

Well, I haven’t made one yet. I am hoping to do so this year. I suppose what I ought to be saying is ” I am going to Wales this year”. Yes? I think that is the way to get someplace. Just make the pronouncement and then carry it out. Trying to get there won’t do it. It’s a matter of yes, or no. Nothing in between will help.
If I say yes, then I start making the plans and packing for the event. Money begins to be set aside for it in particular (whatever’s left over from the stack of bills, probably). But it will be a real thing, a target date with an actual destination.
If the answer for this year is no, then the plan goes into long view and the same tactics apply as for the yes answer. The difference being, it isn’t this year, it’s next. Don’t go out any farther than that. If I don’t make it within the next 14 months, it probably won’t happen.
So, here I go. I have my first book, Rough Guide to Wales, already in hand. I actually have contacted the owners of some vacation rentals in Cardiff, so I have that to work with.  Looking at the different sites related to Wales, there’s even one that offers a language course.  Speaking Welsh would be a bonus, but, considering how little Spanish I’ve actually absorbed over the years, notwithstanding years of it in school, it’s a bit daunting to think about trying (oh, that word again) to learn a language, especially one that sounds like Welsh!
So far, the trip is one I will be making alone.  It falls somewhere between adventure and not having a choice.  Being single, one gets accustomed to making solitary plans, simply because there isn’t any point in losing the opportunity because there isn’t anyone willing to join in.  Traveling alone is not my ideal, but at this point, that’s the way it’s looking. I can’t wait for someone else to want to make this trip, or for a romantic match up to suddenly appear. I can travel by myself this time. And, who knows…maybe that’s the magic.

More to come…


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