Love’s Labour Lost


I think he just heard the election results!

I have been doing some reading about the elections in Britian for Prime Minister, and about the candidate who will most likely be oposing Gordon Brown.  Mr. Brown is the man who has single handedly become the whipping post for the Obama administration, suffering embarrassing snubs from the White House, receiving inappropriate and ill conceived gifts (along with the queen, thank you very much).

It seems there is a conservative, or quasi-conservative on the loose in England by the name of David Cameron. Descended from British royalty and member of the most illustrious parts of the upper crust of their social order, Mr. Cameron appears to be comfortably “in” as the next PM for Britain.  Mr. Gordon has been so, apparently, ineffective and bumbling and this new fellow is the height of smooth.  He is a good speaker, a clear thinker and good looking.  He is also, much like Sarah Palin, the parent of a child with disabilities, something that makes him slightly more  of a sympathetic figure in the eyes of a nation in need of empathy itself.

I ran across an article that was quoting David Tennant, the dearly departed Doctor Who, that was so, well, sort of nasty towards this David Cameron.  I had to wonder how deeply indoctrinated he must be in order to appear so short sighted in his political views.  I don’t mean to say that a man can’t have an opinion, it’s just the tone of his comments were unnecessarily mean.  That, to be sure, is disappointing.  Especially in light of the point he was trying to make, which was that Labour is more compassionate.

In an article from the Walesonline website, this article quoted Mr. Tenant: “The former Doctor Who  has branded David Cameron a phoney and said he’d choose Gordon Brown over him every time. The 38-year-old long term Labour supporter accused David Cameron of being someone who’ll “jump on whatever bandwagon flies past” in order to get voted in to power.

“I think David Cameron is a terrifying prospect,” said Tennant,  “I get quite panicked at the notion that people are buying his rhetoric, because it seems very manipulative to me. “Personally, I would rather have a Prime Minister who is the cleverest person in the room, than a prime minister who looks good in a suit,” he added.

Well, here’s a problem, because Gordon Brown apparently isn’t the cleverest person in the room, let alone the best looking in a suit.  (That was rude, wasn’t it…sorry)  Add to that the insinuation that David Cameron is a type of upper class charleton, and it is a statement filled with insults and political rhetoric from the labour party filing cabinet.  To think that all of this is said with that sweet Scottish brogue makes it all the more bitter for me.  I might be ignorant in this, though.  Are Scots particularly anti-Tory?  I realize that Gordon Brown is himself a Scot, so perhaps we have a type of cronyism going on here.  This could pass for southern (US) politics, with that in the mix.

I am deeply disappointed to find that David Tennant falls into that “one party only”  category.   I guess I thought he had more depth than to simply dismiss a man because he came from a priviledged background and could deliver a good speech.  I mean, that remark about the suit is a little churlish, don’t you think.

The days of choosing a candidate because he comes from your side of the tracks is antiquated and archaic.  It doesn’t work.  Labour isn’t the answer simply because it’s what your family does or what you’ve always endorsed.  Same for conservatives, or in the case of the English, Tories.

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and yet he remains a poster boy for both his own party and Democrats as the ideal for rallying the vote.  The idea that this one man embodies the qualities to which both parties aspire should be a clue as to the eventual common ground.  Most bad policy is not so much about idealism as it is personal agenda. As an aside from my distaste for David Tenants’ statements, let’s consider single terms in the US and thereby eliminate political vocations. It’s radical, I know. Otherwise, though, we’re just stuck with these men and women for too long.

I have given up the hope that one party excels in all aspects of the human condition.  I would assume it is true in England as well.  Gordon Brown is not popular, and he has made many mistakes.  For Tennant to say he would vote for him anyway, simply because he isn’t David Cameron, is the most tired of party sentiments.  I’m not English, and I certainly wouldn’t try to speak with authority on the subject at this point in time.  But, from what I’ve read, and that includes liberal media such as TIME, he sounds like a progressive conservative with a knowledge of the needs facing his country, both from a personal as well as political perspective.

I hope David Tennant doesn’t say anything else.  I hope he doesn’t run for office, and I most certainly hope he doesn’t continue to walk down political alleyways with his eyes closed.  For the sake of not being so pithy and sanctimonious, walk away, please, from that veiled apparition that passes for the arts.  Many of us are artists with compassion, not all of us subscribe to the liberal ideology.  Self-righteousness doesn’t look good on anyone, and liberals (sorry to say) wear that cloak with pride.

England is almost certainly bound for it’s own regeneration.  Someone with vision and determination is needed.  If England is to remain on the world stage as a nation with some influence, able to stand up to the snobbery and maligning attitude of this current American administration, Cameron may be her only choice.  It’s going to take someone with enough confidence to not be cowed by an American president that is viewed by many in Britain as anti-British.

Show us another candidate who can do that, David Tenant.  As much as I’ll miss you on Doctor Who, I reluctantly have to dismiss you as a viable political analyst.  I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.

On a lighter note, I’d like to add this article from Spoof.  It is, of course, a spoof.


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