Richard Avedon’s Point of View

This is a picture I ran across recently.  It appears to be a shot from the Avedon sessions that produced the psychedelic photos we all know and love.
George’s image is, by most accounts, the most recognizeable and impressive for it’s obvious mystical references.  To think that it started with this gives credence to the genius of Avedon and his vision.  Each of them are brilliant, but George’s is the one most of us most readily identify and remember.

It’s interesting to note his hair in this photo.  For those of us who have scanned their history with a microscopic lense, I think it’s possible this is in the time period after George had returned from his extended stay in India with Ravi Shankar.  He had cut his hair while in that country in the hopes of being less identifiable to the population there.  It apparently did not succeed, and all he had for his efforts were a shaggy regrowth.  For the Beatle with the “good hair”, this period is a testament to the dangers of clippers and razors in the barber shop.

I was fortunate enough to run across a “vintage” pin with the image on a square formated backing.  It’s old and wonderful.  Occasionally I wear it, but I had to replace the pinback, since the original one had rusted and couldn’t be used on clothing.

A note on things worth reading:
I just finished a little book titled A Date With A Beatle, by Judith Kristen.  It’s hard to tell if it’s mostly fiction or truth, but the account is an endearing ode to the fantasies of all the girl fans back then, especially those of George Harrison.  I recommend it to those who remember those days, and the ones who do not. It’s fun and entertaining.


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