Regarding The Doctor…

As I’m reading some of the other responses to The End of Time (1&2) it seems that some people think it was too much about other storylines converging. A few have expressed the opinion that it was “overcooked” or confusing, with too many variables from characters for whom we don’t have answers. The mysterious woman, for instance.
Well, isn’t that exactly what we have in Dr. Who? Aren’t there always questions left unanswered? At what point do people neglect to understand that the show is campy and preposterous? That’s what makes it so wonderful. We can watch it slide from humorous to deeply reflective as the Dr examines his surroundings and the impact he has on them. In the next breath he’s winking at someone and embarking on something whimsically insane as a solution to the problem.
Someone cares about why the Master is blond. I don’t. I loved that look, and it transformed him into a more seriously insane character. Staging. Make-up and costuming. It’s theater. It’s British. I love it!
I for one loved it in it’s entirety. I look forward to seeing it again. For that matter, I suppose it won’t be too long before I start from the beginning and do a marathon. It may take a few weeks or months, but I have no doubt that the end will come as it did with my first view of it: with tears and regrets that the Dr will never return like that.
Or will he…


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