The End of Tennant’s Who

Today is one I’ve been dreading. The last David Tennant episode.
It took me two days last weekend to actually sit down and watch the second installment of this final trilogy of doom for our beloved Dr. Who. When he sat down with Donna’s grandfather and had that little heart to heart, admitting his fear over dying, well I was crying right alongside of him. It was heartbreaking.
Now, in this last gasp of Tennant/Davies brilliance, the end is finally upon us and I have to muster up all of my courage to sit through this eventuality turned reality. I will be armed with tissues, water and the comfort of 1) the dvr in motion and 2) the knowledge that I have pre-ordered all of these episodes to go with my collection of all of the previous four seasons.
Aided by a Dr. Who marathon on BBCAmerica for the past two and a half days (I haven’t watched all of it), this transition into a brave new Dr. Who world is being made a little less traumatic. Watching it all again, with commercials, makes it a little more bearable for me.

It also helps to watch this clip from Catherine Tate’s Christmas special. Together in comedy these two are brilliant.   It’s good to have something to laugh with at a time like this.


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