It’s The New Year and A Blue Moon

photo by Rob Schumacher/Arizona Republic

We’ve greeted the New Year and it’s been accomplished under a Blue Moon. That’s the one that prompts us to say…such and such only comes once in a blue moon.  Well, for sure, 2010 will only arrive once, and it did so in that rare company.  Is it possible that it means something?

I’m hoping it will be a good omen for recovery here in the United States. We could use some blue moon help with the economy.  How many people will look back on this evening, blue moon and all, and heave a sigh of relief that it’s all working out okay after all.  Hopefully we’ll all be saying that, regardless of how it came in, the year is looking good.

There are too many problems and too many victims for us to think it’s possible to get a quick fix.  That’s what politicians hope for and don’t see or deliver.  And, a quick fix isn’t the type that stays for long enough to give real relief.  We need the kind of recovery that comes with the attitude that Americans have had for a couple of centuries…perserverence and hard work.

We know it can be done.  It’s not a miracle pill, nor is it any one man or woman.  It’s a cooperative effort, a community mentality that drives us forward, motivates us to continue striving towards success.  We want to see people overcome obstacles and have the payday of deliverence from debt and foreclosure.  What we have worked hard to obtain we will need to work harder to keep, or so it seems.

I believe that we can do better than the analysts say we can.  I believe that we, as a country, can pull out of a sliding economy by not giving up and not giving it all away to foreign markets.  We can buy American.  It’s a little more trouble, and it might cost more, but eventually will pay dividends to all of us.

We can support local businesses and keep them from going under to the corporate monoliths.  I’m not opposed to big business, but I don’t think it should succeed at the expense of the entrepeneur who owns the shop on the corner.

Positive attitudes and the accompanying actions will help us.  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel if we take off our dark glasses.  Don’t let this year slip through the cracks of time and leave you stranded in disillusion and despair.  Be pro-active in 2010.  Start seeing the solutions and spend less time “talking the problem”.  It won’t move over until you start the positive actions of making change.  Sometimes the change has to start in our attitudes before we ever see it manifest in front of us.

I hope for the best for all of us.  I hope we can all find a way to help someone in need and sow a good work into our own future.  I believe it can be good.  I believe it will be.

Happy New Year. It’s time to celebrate.


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