Slaughterhouse Blues

Just a quick note here regarding meat, and the eating of it.
I vacillate between the occasional meal that is built around a meat of some sort, and complete revulsion at the idea of it. I’m admittedly not firm in my vegetarian stance, due mainly to Italian and Mexican cuisine. Hamburgers are easily fortified with a vege-burger, but ethnic choices are harder to work with.
Well, that brings me back to what prompted this little blurb. I was surfing through the cable offerings and stopped at Martha Stewarts’ show. She was visiting a butcher shop that sells organic meats and cheeses, about which Ms. Stewart was very enthusiastic.
When describing how the cows are treated and fed, she made a statement more or less like this: “People want to know that the animals don’t suffer”.
Now, the obvious absurdity of saying that strikes me and makes me wonder how an intelligent individual cannot see it. Eating dead flesh means something did indeed suffer ultimately. It was killed and cut up for dinner.
I’m not contesting that meat eating is moral or immoral. That’s not the point. The point is, however, how ridiculous it is to be concerned, after that fact, about whether or not the poor animal enjoyed his pasture prior to having his throat cut.
Am I the only one?
Or, perhaps that statement is in consideration of eastern thought that says an animal’s terror at the moment of slaughter is embedded in the meat and passed on to the one consuming it. If life has been relatively serene and cushy (grasses not being equal), then that terror is diminished and, consequently, the after affect of fear riddled steak.
My father used to say that if people could see what goes on in a slaughter house, they would give up eating meat. I believe he’s correct, mostly.
There are some, however, who would continue on their carnivorous journey. Especially if they are assured that, while living, the animal lived a pleasant, non-terrifying life.
Bon appetit? Perhaps not.


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