Walk With Wisdom

WWTW-OOheader2There are people in the world who just naturally yield to wise approaches to life.  Sometimes it’s because they come from a spiritual path that has created a yearning for a higher type of understanding, or something that will take them beyond the ordinary views that are part of “life as usual”.

Some individuals gain keen perspectives due to their business dealings, financial triumphs and trials.  It’s a temptation to think that their experiences are theirs alone, therefore not worth investigating as a blueprint for the rest of us.

Most of what we do in life is the result of learning: either from our mistakes and successes or those of other people.  The best results, I think, come from heeding the advice of those who have gone before us, helping to eliminate wasted time spent undoing the mess we can often get ourselves into when wisdom has been elusive and our errors have overtaken us.

I’m glad to know there are many people who are willing to share what they’ve learned in life, how they’ve overcome obstacles and gained success both financially, personally and spiritually.  It’s a gift to all of us when these mentors are willing to lend to our lives what they gathered in walking, sometimes running, through their own journeys.

My friend, Lee Travathan, is one of these mentors.  Having listened to her and gained important nuggets that I have applied to my own pursuits, I can wholeheartedly endorse the following link that leads to a new book called Walking With The Wise. She, along with many others in her field, have gathered together significant information and inspiration that will help any and all who take advantage of this volume.  It has extras included, so value is optimum in it’s presentation.

I hope many people will check it out.  In the times in which we find ourselves, wisdom should reign as the most valuable commodity we can attain.  Being able to share wisdom is a privilege.



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