The Lighter Side

beatles for sale
Indeed they are, yet again, For Sale! The Beatles have done it again, and this time we can hear it better than ever before.
I have been listening to the remasters and they are fantastic. There are sounds there and clarity that have been missing, and the effect is like hearing it for the first time. With or without headphones, the sound is dazzling.
The imagery that it conjurs for me (since I’m a very visual person) is that of turning on lights in a room. Some of the vocals literally affected me in that way. And, they seem to be more dimensional now. They are in 3-D instead of flat two dimensional projection.
There’s no downside here. The Mono Box Set is a revelation to me of how it’s supposed to sound. I read that Paul had made the comment he felt as though he were “sitting next to John” and listening to him sing. It does feel that way. You can be in Abbey Road Studios and finally get that “fly on the wall” experience with these remastered versions. I speak the truth 🙂
So, just blathering on about it isn’t enough. I have to listen again. I’ll close my eyes and be there with the greatest band who ever strapped on guitars and sang. No contest.
The words of the song ring true…”I have to admit it’s getting better…getting better all the time”.


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