Stop! In The Name of Love

I wonder what would happen if the entire population of the earth stopped, stood perfectly still and held our breath for, say…5 seconds. No planes overhead, no cars or trains. Just silence and total inactivity.
I realize that the probability of something like this happening is about zilch. It would be too impossible to orchestrate, let alone gain the cooperation of everyone. I mean, it’s ridiculous isn’t it?
But there’s always a what if. What if we quit bullying each other. What if money actually went to those in need instead of the administrators who already get a paycheck.
And, what if no one decided to engage in war today.
There is an episode of Dr. Who in which the Dr’s companion Martha Jones (you really should get this on dvd) travels the world with just one message that will free it from tyranny. I won’t tell you what it is, because that would be a spoiler in case you do go out and make this very enlightened decision to watch the series. However, the idea that one message can liberate an entire planet is pretty catchy. I think it was tried a few times. Different religions have had the idea, and then there’s the 60’s and the peace movement.
I wonder why it never actually works. What is it in the nature of mankind that makes it so hard to accept an answer and walk into peace?
Are we so hung up on “reality” that we refuse to see simple answers?
Well, the questions go on. I think I’ll just stop here and …


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