Random Things

Perhaps the most interesting things we encounter are those little random bits and events that so subtly shape our lives. Are they really random, or is there purpose to them? I mean, is everything designed for us or do we just stumble onto things and gain either the benefit or consequence of it?

A random bit of art

A random bit of art

This picture is a kernel or popcorn that I found on the floor. Someone stepped on it and it became this peculiar little heart shape. Now it’s sort of art. That’s pretty random.
In some scenarios, I might become famous for this brilliant little image. And, why not. It’s appealing and colorful. And, to think, it’s simply a piece of squashed popcorn.
Now, that is random. But, is it destiny?
Can there be randomness and destiny all intwined, conspiring to make our lives meaningful and eventful?
I’m not sure I know. Maybe it’s better to not know and simply let it all come to pass in as normal a progression as possible.
Random is good. Divine direction and destiny are good and desireable. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to tell which is playing the bigger part.


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