Everyone will be required to have health insurance

This is one of those venerable “can of worms” postings. I was just reading some info on the new Health Care bill and the differing opinions that are raging.
This idea that “everyone will be required” to have some type of health insurance is extreme. It’s un-American. If I don’t want health insurance, I don’t want health insurance payments.
This isn’t like driving a car and needing to be able to pay the other guy for the damage I might do if I run into him. Health insurance isn’t like comprehensive coverage. I mean, if I hit you, my health insurance isn’t going to pay out to cover your doctor visit. You might sue me, but you won’t get anything out of my insurance company.
This so-called “reform” of healthcare seems more like a call to arms. You’re either for more government control of your life, or you’re against it.
I vote NO. Now I just hope my representatives do the same.


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