In Search of Something

Occasionally I write poetry.  It isn’t something that evolves, it simply comes to me out of some type of inspiration.  At least, to me, the process seems inspired, because it comes out all at once. 

I won’t try and judge whether or not it’s good. What it is for me is usually the end of some trail of thought or activity.  Unlike artwork, it doesn’t require manipulation or technique…that may show only too well

Time Goes On

I’m losing track of time

I hardly watch the clock for changes

in my life

 I  see the hands move

on a path that rearranges

what I know

What was familiar is now foreign

I’m a traveller

Time is gone

Directions change

The count goes on (and life goes on)

I can see a path before me

There is hope and shades of glory

in a secret place that hides within my heart

No more waiting for tomorrow

Can’t be laying down with sorrow

for the days and nights will come

and soon depart

Time goes on and I am running

 to catch up to where I’ve been

Too many roads that led to nowhere lay behind

If you see me passing by don’t reach across the road to stop me

All my yesterdays are futures that aren’t blind





  1. The way you wrote your introduction is the same kind of way I wrote mine on my blog! (*First on blogger We might have something in common with writing poetry. Super! Liked it!

    *(Sorry for linking, it’s just that I haven’t gotten round to writing the introduction on wordpress so if you went there you’d think I had been tricking you into viewing my page).

  2. I just went back and read my introduction and it’s actually not very similar at all. But I agree with your description very much!
    I don’t know how to describe it well but as I read ‘Time Goes On’, the previous description is painted when I read the next. Even if it isn’t crafted as you say, it’s a good technique all the same!

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