Tom Watson: An Elegant Reminder

Prince of Wales11

This past weekend took me back to countless hours spent watching golf with my dad.  I tried to play the game at one point, but didn’t enjoy it.  It remains, to this day, a game I can resist as a participant.

There is something to be said, however, for enjoying it as a spectator.  And watching the British Open the past few days, Tom Watson in particular, has been very enjoyable.  As much as anything it has been a refreshing visit to past years when the champions were remarkable in the world of sports for their good manners and gentlemanly conduct.  I love that.

I loved watching Tom on the course, striding confidently through the roughs or the sloping greens.  He still has that elegant swing that I took note of so many years ago.  This tournament lacked the razzle dazzle of the celebrity players to which the game is becoming more accustomed.  The absence of the top names in the top six spots made it all the more interesting, because it wasn’t cliche’.    

Anyway, it’s hard to imagine how many men (and woman) over the age of 45 were rooting for Mr. Watson to do well, and, in the final hours, to win it all.  The fact that he double bogeyed the second to last hole in the play off is not as important as the fact that he was in the play off.  Tom Watson is someone you like to see do well, and I, for one, congratulate him on playing the course and doing it with utmost grace and competency.  It was delightful.

To the winner, Stewart Cink, his triumph there on the beautiful Scottish coastline course at Turnberry is one for which we ( I’m taking the libery of speaking for many) say “well done”.  He seems a very deserving fellow who has waited long for the first major win.

I still don’t have any desire to play golf, but  I do sense a renewed interest in visiting Scotland.


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