Just a Note

How do they see us?

How do they see us?

There isn’t a lot on my mind today. Nothing is particularly special about this Tuesday aside from the fact that it’s good to be making my way through the week.  I haven’t done anything today that sets it too far apart from another, as days go.

One thing I did this evening was go to the community pool with three of my friend’s sons.   They begged me to accompany them, since they can’t go in without an adult.  Their parents weren’t available for it, and, after much pleading and laughing and sincere petitions on their parts, I relented and headed off in the heat to find some relief from it.

We all live in a small community in which you can easily walk to any of the features it contains.  There is, of course, the pool and community center. There’s also a little coffee shop and a grill that features organic gardens from which it culls it’s delights.  Several parks dot the street corners, and children can skate or bike their way around from friend to friend.  It’s a nice spot.

The pool is a two minute walk, and we set off on our short journey with towels in hand.  There’s always the question of how many people will be there ahead you, and the secret wish that it will be empty.   On a hot day like today, though, the prospect for solitude is thin indeed.

When we did get there, a  few people were in the water.  One woman was giving swimming lessons to a group of young children who were making great efforts to swim across the pool without assistance, bravely making their way to the farthest edge.  A couple of parents sad on the sidelines, watching and waiting until the lesson was over.  Everyone had settled on the shady side that had the benefit of the sun behind them.  We had to manage on the opposite side, avoiding the sun but deciding against sitting down anyway, making it unimportant whether the sun chased us or not.

The boys and I slipped into the water one by one, at last feeling the relative coolness of the water, only about ninety degrees compared to the one hundred degrees hanging in the air.  It felt good.  And, I was glad that I had given in and gone to the effort to change into my bathing suit and don the hat and sunglasses that usually accompany me to beach or pool.  The sunglasses are a necessity because I’m so nearsighted that I feel handicapped without the prescription shades.  The hat is supposed to protect my hair as it hides beneath it.  The sunglasses work better than the hat.

The boys had brought along a boogie board, something usually intended for beach activity .  It seemed completely out of place in a pool.  As it happend, though, there was a plan.  While one held it in place several feet in from the side of the pool, another would take a leap onto the board and literally “surf” for all of a foot or two.  The smaller of the two engaging in this activity did pretty well, as his height fit the board better.  It helps that he is a natural athlete and generally aces anything he attemps.  His older, much taller brother, fared less well.  His every attempt landed him head over board in the water, but laughing and enjoying it nonetheless.

Now, it wouldn’t have been right for them to ignore me, and they didn’t.  They made every effort to soak my hat and make sure that I was part of the scene.  Not that I avoided it.  Playing with kids in the pool ranks really high on the fun scale.  It really does. 

I am always intrigued at how much fun they think it is to have an adult in there with them.  I’m quite sure that most of the time, we adults underestimate how valuable our enjoyment of these moments is for the kids in our lives.

We all stayed in the pool long enough for the evening shadows to fall over us completely, so that, when we came out of the water there was a slight chill on our bodies.  That was amazing considering it was still at least one hundred degrees outside.  The pool had done the trick.  We were refreshed and cool, and it had been a fun finale for the day.

On our way back from the pool, I considered that I had done my due as a fun loving member of the clan.  Then, amidst a new frenzy of ideas and chatter,  all three of them got on their knees and started begging to go to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter.  Considering that the queue for this showing began at sometime before noon, I left them begging and laughing at the prospect of something so fantastic as a movie at midnight.  They dream big, sometimes.  But, not tonight.

Harry will have to wait.


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