The first time ever I wrote a blog…

Oh the wonder of it all!

Oh the wonder of it all!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?  This scene out of the life of a Beatle (George Harrison, if you don’t already know that) reminded me of a kid full of discovery.  And, for me, discovery is all about the thrill of something new.

Writing a blog is a new thing. I like to write, and I am quite fond of expressing my opinions on all things. That’s not unique, and is probably the most unifying element in mankind. My father used to say the third strongest urge in people was to tell what they know. He never elaborated on the first two, and for some reason I never asked. I guess he just wanted to leave that one open to all types of speculation.

Is that what blogging is about? Is it the quest to satisfy that third strongest urge in our being? Gossip, news, literature…where does it fit in?  I wonder how long a person, like us, can go without blurting out the latest bit of information that has come across our path. If I find out that Harry did indeed meet someone named Sally, how long will it be before I have to call someone or corner them at a party and let out the first, delicious morsel of gossip?

Not that blogging is gossipy, or newsy even. But still, maybe it all goes back to that need to tell something or know something beyond what the other person has to tell. My perspective is uniquely mine, for the most part. Nevermind that I’ve been shaped by people and opinions all of my life. What I eventually end up with is still mine to edit, reform or regurgitate as simply more of the same.

Come to think of it, blogging is a huge responsibility. I’m only just beginning, and I hope to navigate this brave new world and possibly add to it. Just for the record, lots of Beatles stuff will probably show up.  Maybe some quotes from reliable sources, like…say, God and Jesus.

Did I mention I’m an artist. I am. Hopefully there will be some of that to share. I’d like to think it will be of interest to someone.

Back to the thing at the beginning…George and the bird. It was a new experience for him (and maybe the bird), and look where he ended up.

Let the adventure begin.


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